New ‘Images of Islay’ bottlings are always very exciting.  The ‘Images of Islay’ range is a particular favourite of mine, as well as our customers.  You wouldn’t believe how well they go down at events we attend.  The fact the quality of the whisky is always incredible without the distillery ever even been mentioned on the label really astounds some people.  The whisky in these unusual bottlings is always a single cask bottling which is between 7 – 15 years old.  People can guess or even make informed decisions but know-one will ever truly know the distillery the cask of whisky came from.

These ‘Images of Islay’ bottlings will pretty much 100% be a peaty treasure of a whisky.

Images of Islay – Cattle at Islay Graveyard – Looking at the colour of this bottling gives a nice idea as to what may follow in nose and taste.

New 'Images of Islay' Bottling

MOS Images of Islay

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