We decided it was time to jump on the Indian Whisky bandwagon.  In all seriousness though, the Indian Whisky market is growing at a very high rate so to have some fantastic quality bottles of Indian whisky to sell on our website is a great honour.

Paul John Whisky is the creation of John Distillers Ltd. (JDL) Founded in 1992 at its home in Goa, India.  The company has quickly joined the ranks of one of India’s leading whisky specialists.

Awards won Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, Liquid Gold award 2016.

You can view the full list of awards Paul John has won here – http://pauljohnwhisky.com/awards/

The Place

The beautiful landscape of Goa has given inspiration to the character of Paul John Whiskies.  The aim was to capture the essence of Goa and its people in each and every dram.  Goan’s are known for being friendly and very laid back.  Once owned by the Portuguese, Goa is rich with heritage and history.

The Whisky

All whisky is double distilled. “Every step of the process, from germination to malting and peating, goes to enhance the distinct smokiness of our whiskies, while the non-chill filtering helps retain their original colour and taste.”  And also described on their website, “Craft and skilfully chosen indigenous ingredients create the magic that is Paul John Single Malts.”

For the peaty bottlings they ship the ‘peat’ from Scotland to Goa to use in the production.

Our Bottlings

Malts of Scotland somehow managed to get their hand on two very precious casks of Paul John.  We at Bartels Whisky have just 6 bottles of each available to sell.

‘Malts of India’ Paul John 2011 Aged 4 Years 60.0%vol Bourbon Barrel. Cask No. 15066. 210 bottles

Malts of Scotland has bottled this Indian Whisky at cask strength of 60.0%.  Limited 210 bottles and Bartels Whisky have just six bottles to sell.

Paul John 2011

Paul John 2011

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‘Malts of India’ Paul John 2009 Aged 6 Years 58.4%vol Bourbon Barrel. Cask No. 15068. 156 bottles

A peated Indian Single Malt.  Deep and gleaming in colour.  Bottled in 2015 by Malts of Scotland.  Only 156 bottles of this are available.  Bartels Whisky has the very small number of six bottles available topurchase.

MOS Paul John 2009 peated

MOS Paul John 2009 peated

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Overall as my first real experience of Indian whisky I am very impressed.  As much as scotch represents the heritage and values of years of Distilling in the home place of whisky, Paul John represents the bustling, lively and beautiful beaches of Goa in these two bottlings.

Now to go and visit the distillery I think! 🙂

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