Springbank Distillery is located in Campbeltown, a picturesque Scottish town situated at the southern end of the Kintyre Peninsula on the glorious west coast.

Springbank Distillery History

Dividing the Firth of Clyde and the Atlantic Ocean, a sea breeze swirls around the air and a soft Scottish misty glow travels through the town that is rich in heritage, and of course, rich in whisky history.

Springbank Single Malt is the most popular variety. Its standard bottling is a 10-year-old, distilled two and a half times, and is not chill-filtered, nor does it have colour added. Distilling whisky two and a half times is quite unusual, as it means that during the distillation process some of the low wines are collected before the second distillation, and then mixed back into the feints for another distillation. This means that some parts of the spirit have been through distillation twice and some parts three times. The spirit is then aged in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks, although Springbank is experimenting with rum casks as well. The standard 10-year-old bottling is available at 46% volume. They also produce a somewhat darker 15-year-old and an 18-year-old. A 21-year-old variety of Springbank exists, but is increasingly rare.

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Malt Of The Month

Bartels Whisky have bottled a single cask of 27 Year old Isle of Jura and it is stunning.  Floral flavours are very prominent overall with some beautiful deep woody impressions and a finish which definitely leaves you wanting more.  Click here to fins out more and read the full tasting notes. 


70cl bottle - 52.4%vol