Images of Dufftown – The Whisky Shop Dufftown – Aged 25 Years

53.2%vol - 202 Bottles


  • Limited 224 bottles
  • Cask Strength – 53.2% vol
  • Natural Colour
  • Secret bottling


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The Dufftown Whisky Shop 1989 is a single cask bottling from the region of Dufftown.  Many distilleries are located in this town which makes it an extra challenge to try and work out where this particular malt was distilled and aged.  This bottling is a fantastic age of 25 Years and only 224 bottles were produced from a single cask and bottled in 2014.

The Images range come from anonymous distilleries. The range from Malts of Scotland is very popular and people love to talk about where they think the bottlings have come from. Its a guessing game. Clues as to the distillery the whisky is from are shown by the use of specific pictures on the labels.  All Images bottlings are single cask bottlings and between 7 – 15 years old. They are bottled at 53.2%vol – which is the ‘perfect drinking strength’ according to Malts of Scotland founder Thomas Ewers.  We would love to hear your thoughts if you buy a bottle.


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